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15 July 2015

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Woven Palm Fibers

Woven palm fibers are small handiworks made of palm leaves. Palm tree, a kind of evergreen trees, has been planted in all villages of Changsha County. Folk artisans collect palm leaves, and weave them into all kinds of insect and animal shapes, such as birds, insects, shrimps, cranes, snakes, frogs and so on. These handicrafts are so natural and vivid as though it were living. Therefore, they are honored as “one of the three greats in Jiangnan (regions south of the Yangtze River)”.


Because fresh leaves are easy to be withered and out of shape, the fork artisans are trying to improve the craftsmanship. They paint the handicrafts after weaving them, so their shapes and colors remain unaltered and they will seem even more realistic. Woven palm fibers once participated in the international exhibition in Leipzig, Germany and won favorable reception.


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