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15 July 2015

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Famous Shops-Changsha

1)Shopping Malls within Wuyi Business Circle include Heiwado Commercial and Trade Plaza, Wangfujing Department Store, New World Department Store, Bailian Plaza, Spring Store of Friendship and Apollo Group.


Heiwado Commercial & Trade Plaza:

Tel: 0731-84438052

Add:28/F, Hunan  88 Huangxing Road (M), Changsha,


Wangfujing Department Store

Tel: 0731-84892500

Add: No.27 Huangxing Road (M), Changsha,


New World Department Store

Tel: 0731-82800088


Bailian Oriental Shopping Mall

Tel: (86)731-82581888

Add:188 M. Huang Xing Rd., Changsha


2) Dongtang Business Circle, as the second business circle of Changsha, includes such malls as No. 2 Store of Heiwado, Golden Colour Family of Tongcheng Group, Friendship Store of Friendship and Apollo Group.


No. 2 Store of Heiwado:

Tel: 0731-85328000


3)  Yuanjialing, Friendship Store, the only promising department store at Yuanjialing, makes use of advantageous conditions from old Friendship Store and Apollo Business Town

Tel: 0731-85501945 


4) Changsha Railway Station, Apollo Commercial Plaza, next to the Changsha Railway Station, enjoys great popularity.


Apollo Business Plaza

Add: 345 M. Chezhan Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-82286886


5) On the west bank of the Xiangjiang River, Tongcheng Commercial Plaza in Changsha is popular but with few premium brands.

Tel: 0731- 88856111  


6). Wal-Mart

The year 2010 marks the eighth year since the Wal-Mart entered into China in 1996, when the first Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza was opened in Shenzhen. To date, there have been a total of 47 Wal-Mart Supercenters, Sam's Clubs, and Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets in 22 cities across China, namely, Shenzhen, Kunming, Fuzhou, Dalian, Xiamen, Shantou, Dongguan, Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Changsha, Beijing, Nanchang, Jinan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Nanjing, Nanning, Wuhan, Guiyang, Taiyuan and Chongqing.


7) Huangxing Nanlu Wal-Mart Store

Address: near the bronze statue of Huang Xing on the Walking Street

Tel: 0731-84884088


8)Yuhuating Wal-Mart Store

Address: No. 421, Shaoshan Zhong Road (Middle) (2-3 floor of the building of Changsha Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Business Center)

Tel: 0731-85304036


9)Changsha Gaoqiao Wal-Mart Supercenter

Address: 2-3 floor of Tianhe International Commercial Plaza, No. 358, the 1st section of Wanjiali Zhong Road (Middle),

Tel: 0731-84772418



Since it entered into China in 1995, Carrefour has received favor and recognition from consumers as it follows an advanced supermarket management mode and is committed to providing affordable and high-quality goods and services for customers. The "Happy Shopping in Carrefour", "One -Stop Shopping" and other concepts have widely won support among people.


Furong Carrefour Store

Address: No. 238, Furong Zhong Road (middle), Changsha

Tel: 0731-84458857


Carrefour Store at He Long Plaza

Address: underground of He Long Stadium, No. 188, Furong Zhong Road (Middle), Changsha

Tel: 0731-82570539


11)Your Mart

Qianxi Store

Address: No.2, Chenzhan Road (North) across from the Friendship Apollo Square

Chaoyang Your Mart Store

Adress: No.530, Renmin Road

Tel: 0731-84137666-8118


12)The Metro

The Metro is the world's first business group that implements the cash & carries system, and the first joint venture that was approved by China's central government to establish chain shopping malls in a number of major cities in China. It inputs local products to the domestic market and attracts customers everywhere via its nationwide distribution system, and brings the Chinese goods into the international market via the international distribution system.

Sifangping Metro Store

Address: Sifangping, Kaifu District, Changsha

Tel: 021-52504888



Founded in 1828, the A.S. Watson Group (Hong Kong) Ltd. is an international retail and food manufacturing cooperation and a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL). It runs business in 34 regions, owning 8,400 retail stores with 98,000 employees, and its goods involve health-care products, beauty products, perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverage, electronic products, wine and retail business at airports.


Yuhuating Watson Store

Address: the 1st floor of Wal-Mart Supercenter in Yuhuating

Tel: 13077365574


Watson at New World Department Store

Address: b1 floor of the New World Department Store, No. 277, Zhongshan Road, Kaifu District

Tongcheng Watson Store


Address: the 1st floor of Hexi Tongcheng Commercial Plaza (at the west bank of Xiangjiang River), Changsha


Apollo Watson Store

Address: the 1st floor of Apollo Commercial Plaza, No.1, Bayi Road, Furong District


Watson at PCD Store

Address: the 1st floor of PCD Store, No. 69, Huangxing Zhonglu

Tel: 0731-87938283


14) A-Best Supermarket

Established in 1995, the A-Best Supermarket Co., Ltd. is one of the leading circulation enterprises in Guangdong Province, and one of the national 20 key commercial businesses across the country. Since its establishment, the company always adheres to the philosophy of "innovation, service, satisfaction, and the best" and strives to fulfill the purpose of providing "fresh, clean, abundant and affordable" goods to customers, which greatly satisfies customers' needs of "one-stop shopping". It has been highly praised and recognized by national, provincial and city leaders for many times, has been granted a number of honors and titles by government departments, industry associations, consumer associations and other institutions, and has won the favor of a majority of consumers.


Houjiatang A-Best Store

Address: at the junction of Furong Road and Laodong Road of North Houjiatang

Tel: 0731-88852288


Tongcheng A-Best Store

Address: No.2, Fenglin Road, Yingwanzheng


Wulipai A-Best Store

Address: Wulipai, next to Zidongge Huatian Hotel


Jinwanzi A-Best Store

Address: No.91, Jingui Road


Yinpenling A-Best Store

Address:No. 67, Yinpen Nanlu(Xintiandi Building)


15). RT-MART

RT-MART is a supermarket brand created by the Taiwan Ruentex Group in 1997, and operated by the RT-MART Circulation Business Co., Ltd.. As of 2008, RT-Mart had run 101 stores in mainland China, with the annual sales reaching 33.567 billion yuan and ranking seventh in the list of 100 top chain enterprises in China. Among all the foreign-funded retail chain enterprises, it ranks second, only next to Carrefour.


Wanjiali RT-MART Store

Address: No. 188, Wanjiali Road

Tel: 0731-85981818



The Better-Life Commercial Chain Share Co,. Ltd. (hereinafter is BBG) started business in March 1995. With 12 years' development, it has ranked among the 100 top chain enterprises in China from a shop covering less than 100 square meters. As of the end of August 2007, the BBG has chain stores all over Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, with the amount totaling 104, the number of employees exceeding 35,000, and the business area reaching 600,000 square meters. Currently, to satisfy consumer's demand, it has BBG Supermarkets, BBG Department Stores, BBG Electric Equipment Stores. In 2005, BBK joined the international voluntary chain organization IGA, which marks it has taken the first step in sharing international resources.


Laodong BBG Star Store

Address: No.157, Laodong Zhonglu, Yuhua District, Changsha

Tel: 0731-85555328


Dongtang BBG Store

Address: BBG Building in Dongtang, No.157, Laodong Zhonglu

Tel: 0731-85525008


Hongxing BBG Store

Address: at the junction of Shaoshan Road and Xiangfu Road

Tel: 0731-85621721


Lushan BBG Store

Address: No.26, Yinpen Nanlu


BBG Store near the Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Address: No.498 Block, Shaoshan Nanlu

Tel: 0731-85621749


Yinpen Nanlu BBG Store

Address: No.48, Yinpen Nanlu

Tel: 0731-53512762