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15 July 2015

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Dadushi (Metropolis) Underground Commercial Street

North to the East Labor Road and South to the Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical Cooperation, Dadushi (Metropolis) Underground Commercial Street is 624 meters in length and 39 meters in width. Its overall floorage is 26,288 square meters, of which 21,220 square meters are stores and 3,138 square meters is reserved for underground parking. It is the only one-stop mode fashion commercial street integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment and food in the south of Changsha. The street has six divisions with different functions, great variety of commodities, and clear and vivid shopping guides. The shopping environment is comfortable, healthy and convenient with 80 parking spaces, six underground passages, two-way escalators, central air-conditioning, fire protection automatic system and other impeccable facilities.


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