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15 July 2015

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Famous Restaurants-Changde

Baijiayuan Food City
Add: Liuye Rd., Changde

Tel: (86)736-7703888


Wangzi Restaurant
Add: Renmin Mid. Rd., Changde

 Tel: (86)736-7211888


Yideyi Snack Bar
Cuisine: Special snacks
Add: By the Jindu Haoyuan Garden on the south Block of Wuling Rd., Changde
Tel: (86)736- 7261777


Tengji Jiusan Duck Conqueror
Cuisine: "Gold–Brand Whole Duck"
Add: Gaoshan St., Changde

Tel: (86)736-7224117


Dongyong Seafood Restaurant
Cuisine: Various beverage and food
Add: Wulingge Squre, Changde

Tel: (86)736-7221730