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15 July 2015

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Food Streets-Changde

Gaoshan Street
It is a time-honored night street in the city of Changde. The most famous food stores there are Moslem First Spring and the Jiusan Duck Conqueror. "Spicy and Hot Pot" and barbecue stalls do a very brisk business at night.

Ji'e Alley
This side street of less than 100 meters long is lined with small shops serving breakfast and night snacks such as rice curd, sheets of dried bean curd, glutinous rice cakes and rice noodles dipped in beef soup.

Mamuqiao Bazaar
The bazaar opposite the Reemployment Market in downtown Changde boasts numerous snacks. "Fragrant and Spicy Crab", "Fragrant and Spicy Shrimp", "Flavored Shrimp" and "Flavored Crab" are the most favored ones.