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15 July 2015

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Hunan and Jiangxi Recommend 7 Tourist Routes

A Hunan-Jiangxi border area leisure agriculture and tourism promotion was held in Nanchang, provincial capital of Jiangxi Province, on November 16,2019. The two provinces recommended seven tourist routes in a bid to alleviate poverty and revitalize rural areas.  
The Hunan-Jiangxi border area includes:
Ten Hunan counties (including county-level cities): cities of Liuyang and Liling; and Chaling, Yanling, Youxian, Pingjiang, Rucheng, Guidong, Yizhang, and Anren counties; and,
Fourteen Jiangxi counties (including county-level cities and districts): Jingangshan City; and Yongxin, Suichuan, Lianhua, Shangli, Luxi, Tonggu, Wanzai, Xiushui, Shangyou, and Chongyi counties; and Anyuan, Xiangdong, and Yuanzhou Districts.
The 24 counties, including county-level cities and districts, will use revolutionary and ecological resources to develop the seven recommended routes
They are: 
--the Pingjiang-Xiushui exploration route; 
--Liuyang-Tonggu, Wanzai, and Shangli revolutionary-themed route; 
--Liling-Pingxiang, Luxi, and Yuanzhou rural sightseeing and scientific population route; 
--Youxian, Anren, Chaling-Lianhua, and Yongxin folk custom experience route; 
--Yanling-Jinggangshan farming culture and revolutionary-themed route; 
--Guidong-Suichuan forest and revolutionary-themed route; and, 
--Yizhang, Rucheng-Chongyi, and Shangyou fitness route. 
The provincial departments of agriculture and rural affairs will use the natural environment, abundant agricultural resources, and revolutionary-themed culture, based on their historical origins and geological locations. They will solve problems of developing leisure agriculture and rural tourism, and transfer resources into economic advantages. 
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