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15 July 2015

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Places to See Spring Flowers in Hunan

A variety of flowers are blooming in Hunan, including canola, cherry, and peach. They turn Hunan into a wonderful world of flowers. Relax and immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of nature. 
Recommended places for viewing:
Shiniuzhai, Pingjiang
Pingjiang County is carpeted with a million mu (about 66,666 ha.) of canola flowers at the beginning of March. The best viewing route is from An’ding Toll Station to Shiniuzhai Scenic Spot--nearly 89 kilometers. Best views are at Jiayi, Changshou, and Longmen towns. 
Exciting experiences are offered, including a glass skywalk and a cliff swing.  
Regular flower-viewing routes: 
Changshou, Jiayi, An’ding and Longmen towns eastward  
Hongqiao, Nanjiang, and Shangtashi towns northward
Mujin Township, Wenjiang, Wukou, Xiangjia, and Wushi towns westward
Chengguan Town, and Sanyang Township in downtown Pingjiang County
Add.: Shiniuzhai, Pingjiang County, Hunan 
Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan
The university’s cherry blossom garden is a famous Hunan cherry blossom viewing spot. It has nearly one hundred cherry trees covering 10,000 square meters. It is one of the largest gardens in south central China. Located in the center of north campus, the garden has pavilions surrounded by pools.   
Add.: Taoyuan Road, Yuhu District, Xiangtan 
Taohuayuan, Changde
Taohuayuan Scenic Area is dotted with peach trees. Walk into the scenic area to enjoy a spectacular beauty unfolding. Taohuayuan has four scenic spots: Taohua, and Taoyuan Mountains; Taoxian Hill and Qinren Village. It is filled with fragrant flowers, lush trees, and beautiful scenery! 
Add.: Near a stream, 15 kilometers southwest of Taoyuan County

In the middle of Longwan National Wetland Park in Xinhua County, a vast of Chinese milk vetch form a sea of purple flowers, especially near the banks of the Zijiang River. 
Add.: Xinhua County, Loudi City
(1)Plum blossoms
Flowering period: until early March
Orange Isle 
Plum park on Orange Isle covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. More than 600 plum trees of more than 10 varieties are planted in the park.
Add.: Orange Isle, Yuelu District, Changsha
Shawan Park 
Hundreds of plum trees are around the Anxiang Building in the Shawan Park. 
Add.: Shawan Park, Yuhua District, Changsha
Hunan Institute of Horticulture
The Hunan Institute of Horticulture has a 72-mu (4.8-ha) plum area. Thousands of plums of more than 60 varieties are there.
Add.: No. 1036, Yuanda Erlu, Furong District, Changsha
Yuelu Mountain
There are more than 200 plum trees on the summit of Yuelu Mountain.
Add.: No. 58, Denggao Road, Yuelu District, Changsha 
Songya Lake National Wetland Park 
This plum grove is located in northern Songya Lake National Wetland Park. It covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, with more than 200 plum trees.
Add.: 100 meters north of the intersection of Dongyi Road and East Binhu Road, Changsha County
Hunan Forest Botanical Garden 
Plum trees are at the heart of the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, such as Cherry Blossom Lake, Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bamboo Garden, and Cherry Garden. More than 400 plum trees of 30 varieties are planted here.
Add.: No. 111, Zhiwuyuan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha
(2)Peach blossoms
Flowering period: mid-to-late March to mid-April
Yanghu Wetland Park
Some of peach trees have already bloomed at the Yanghu Wetland Park. Like plum, peach trees are scattered throughout. 
Add.: South Xiaoxiang Road, Yuelu District, Changsha
Orange Isle
There are more than 500 peach trees at the peach park on Orange Isle. Every year when they are in full bloom, tourists come to enjoy the flowers. 
Add.: Orange Isle, Yuelu District, Changsha
Hunan Forest Botanical Garden
The peach area at the Hunan Forest Botanical Garden expanded by 20 mu (1.33 ha.) in 2018, adding nearly 500 trees of more than 30 varieties.
Add.: No. 111, Zhiwuyuan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha
(3)Cherry blossoms
Flowering period: March to April
Hunan Forest Botanical Garden 
The Hunan Forest Botanical Garden is known as one of the world’s top three places to appreciate cherry blossoms. Nearly 70 varieties are in the garden.
Add.: No. 111, Zhiwuyuan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha
People can also enjoy cherry blossoms in the Changsha Landscape and Ecology Garden, Changsha Xiaoyuan Park, Changsha Wangyue Park, and Hunan Agricultural University. 
Flowering period: April-May
Zifeng Park
Zifeng Park is the only large scale viburnum park. The most valued viburnums have been there for more than 35 years. More than 20 viburnums trees are over 20 years old. Viburnums bloom between April and May for about 20 days.
Add.: No. 69, Xinhe Road, Kaifu District, Changsha
Flowering period: March to April
Changsha Landscape and Ecology Garden 
About 30,000 azaleas of over 30 varieties are in the Changsha Landscape and Ecology Garden. The azalea area is about 300 mu (20 ha.).
Add.: Laodaohe Town, Kaifu District, Changsha
Dawei Mountain, Liuyang 
Currently there are more than 30 varieties of azaleas on Dawei Mountain, many are unique. 
Add.: Dawei Mountain, Liuyang City, Changsha
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