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15 July 2015

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Miao People Celebrate Ganqiu Festival

The Ganqiu Festival is one of the Miao ethnic group’s grandest and most traditional celebrations. It originated from Huayuan County in western Hunan Province and is also popular in Fenghuang, Jishou, Luxi and a few other counties. It falls on the day of Liqiu, the 13th out of the 24 solar terms, and marks the start of autumn. 
This year, the festival lasts from August 8 to September 23. 
During Ganqiu, people take a day off and hope for a good upcoming harvest by celebrating it in advance. The other theme of Ganqiu is offering young people a chance to express admiration for each other. People in ancient times would do it by singing and riding swings that could hold eight at a time.
Ganqiu was inscribed as a national intangible culture in 2014, and as an UNESCO intangible culture item in 2016. 

The photo, taken on August 20, shows Miao people performing a drum dance at Ronghu Village, Shuanglong Town, Huayuan County. The same day, this village held an intangible cultural heritage performance to celebrate the Miao’s Ganqiu Festival. Traditional folk cultural practices such as drum dancing, Miao dances, acrobatics, and antiphonal-style folk songs, attract numerous tourists. (Photo/Long Enze)


Eight-person swing (Photo/Shi Linrong) 


Knife-ladder climb (Photo/Long Enze)


Drum dance (Photo/Huang Tingbo)


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