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15 July 2015

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Notary Service

Recently, Changsha Huaxiang Notary Office was unveiled in Shanghai Town Residential Community, Shaoshan South Road, Yuhua District. This is included in Hunan’s first batch of notarization agencies and it is Changsha’s first one. The person in charge of the Office said that it will provide a non-stop notary service all day long for the public. 
This Office is taken charge of by the Changsha Municipal Judicial Bureau. It exercises the national certification rights according to law in the whole city. Different from the notarization institutions of administrative system and public system, the cooperative notary office shall be voluntarily joined by notaries (partners). And the property of the notary office shall be shared by the partners, who shall bear limited liability for the debts of all its assets.
Its notary service covers civil and commercial matters, foreign affairs, financial, intellectual property, and Internet. The Huaxiang Notary Public Office adheres to the principle of the following “four unchanged points”:
1. The nature of the national legal authorization certification body remains unchanged.;
2. The fact that it accepts the supervision and guidance of the judicial administrative organ and accepts the supervision of the industry associations won’t change; 
3. The notary's status of exercising legal proof right is unchanged.; and,
4. The legal effect of notarization documents remain unchanged..
Once citizens have prepared complete and authentic materials, certificate on simple notarization matters can be issued on that day, and on complicated notarization in two workdays. The notary office also opened the "Internet + notary service". Citizens can have the online service done through its WeChat account and official website. 
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Updated on September 3, 2018