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15 July 2015

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Xiangxi has a well-developed network of railways and highways which reach out to major cities in China.

Direct trains link the city of Jishou with Bejing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Zhicheng-liuzhou Railway runs through the region from north to south, leading to Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities.
Tel: (86)743-95105688

National Highway 209, National Highway 319 and provincial Highway 1812 run through Xiangxi. Together with Zhicheng-Liuzhou Railway, they form an artery network of transport in this region. Expessways leading to Zhangjiajie and Huaihua are under construction.
Ticket office of long-distance bus service: (86)743-8224879

Urban Traffic
Five public bus routes are available in Jishou City. The starting price of taxi is RMB 3 yuan.