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15 July 2015

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The city of Shaoyang is a transport hub in southwestern Hunan Province. Nos. 320, 207 national highway and Shanghai-Ruili Expressway pass through the city. Passengers can go to various places in China on Loudi-Shaoyang Railway which is connected with Hunan-Guizhou Railway. The seven river passageways have a total length of more than 800 kilometers.

Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway runs through the urban area of Shaoyang. Passengers can go to Guangzhou, Changde, Hengshan and other cities from Shaoyang by train.
Tel: (86)739-2394132

A section of Shanghai-Ruili Expressway and No. 320 National Highway make up the central axis of the highway network in Shaoyang, supplemented by such provincial and county highways as G207, S217, S218, S219, S220 and S221 that stretch out from north to south like the veins of a tree leaf.
Shaoyang East Bus Station: (86)739-5012077
Shaoyang South Bus Station: (86)739-5359525

Urban Traffic
Shaoyang City has a perfect network of public transport composed of public buses, taxis and minibuses. The fare is usually RMB 1 yuan and the starting price of taxi is RMB 5 yuan.