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15 July 2015

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China’s First NBA Hoop Park

NBA China announced on December 3 that it will gradually launch the NBA-themed cultural venues project-NBA Hoop Park nationwide. The project aims to provide basketball fans with professional sporting venues and NBA sporting and cultural experiences. NBA China has completed the construction of the first NBA Hoop Park in Meixi Lake, Changsha, with its long-term partner, Leyun Sports. The park will officially open on December 8, 2018.
The first NBA Hoop Park in Meixi Lake, Changsha, includes two indoor fields, two outdoor fields, and one outdoor semi-field. The outdoor fields using specialized environment-friendly glue have good cushioning and friction. The indoor fields use specialized sports floors. The stadium is equipped with mobile stands with a capacity of no less than 200 people, dressing rooms, multifunctional rest areas, LED displays, and other functional areas and supporting facilities. It can contain more than 500 people to watch the game at the same time.
“To popularize and develop basketball is NBA’s top priority in China, and our original intention of building the NBA Hoop Park is to enable more basketball fans to go to the field, enjoy the charm of basketball, and feel the NBA culture,” said Wang Dawei, senior vice president of NBA China. “The NBA Hoop Park will not only provide Chinese fans with high-level sporting venues, but also bring them better services through the operation of community fans.” He added.
Updated on December 7, 2018