The People's Government of Hunan Province recently issued its 2021 Hunan Province Plan for National Economic and Social Development. It summarized its 2020 achievements and set its 2021 goals. It also proposed 8 key target areas for accomplishing. Let's have a look!

Annual Targets
GDP growth rate to exceed 7%.
Primary industry growth more than 3%.
Service sector to increase 7.5%.
Large-scale industries added value up 8%.
Manufacturing industry added value up 8.5%.
Fixed asset investment increase of 8%.
Industrial investment rise of 12%.
Consumer goods retail sales up 9%.
Local general public budget revenue to grow by 4%.Non-tax income to account for about 30%
R&D expenditures, as a portion of GDP, to increase by 0.1%; digital economy added value to grow by more than 15%; high-tech industries added value up by 12%; permanent urban population to rise 1.3%; and, to meet national targets for energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection.
Import and export volume to increase 10%. Paid-in foreign investment to grow 10%. Paid-in domestic investment to rise by about 12%.
Per capita disposable income will grow steadily. Consumer prices to rise about 3%. About 700,000 urban jobs will be added. Urban unemployment rates will be consistent with national targets.
How to do the work?
Hunan will evolve into a “Three Hubs” model of advanced manufacturing industry of national importance, technological innovation with core competitiveness, and reform and opening up in inland regions.
1Build Hunan into a hub of advanced manufacturing industry of national importance, and promote industrial modernization to a new level.
Cultivating and strengthening enterprises, the main players
Supporting advantageous and characteristic industries
Conserving industry and developing ecology

To accurately carry out industrial chain services, drive parts and raw materials companies to advance nearby, and increase the local supporting rate of leading industries.

Improving the modernization level of industrial and supply chains

To carry forward the industrial and supply chains improvement program, promote the implementation of the “chain management system”, and issue a “chain-by-chain policy” three-year action plan to pushing forward 20 emerging and advantageous industrial chains integrated and upgraded into industrial clusters.

2Build Hunan into a hub of technological innovation with core competitiveness to foster new strength in high-quality economic development
Capture the industrial development high ground

Formulate a “three-year action plan” to build a hub of technological innovation with core competitiveness.

Capture the technological advance high ground

Improve innovation entities both in quality and quantity, develop an innovation chain with enterprises as the main players, and strive to build at least 9,500 high-tech companies.

Capture the talent introduction high ground

Implement talent action plan, overseas high-level talent introduction plan, and Hunan high-level talent gathering program.

Capture the demonstration zone construction high ground

Continue to promote Changsha-Zhuzhou- Xiangtan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Chenzhou National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zone, and Changsha- Zhuzhou-Xiangtan National Military-Civilian Integration Innovation Demonstration Zone.

3Build Hunan into a hub of reform and opening up in inland regions to unlock economic and social development potentials
Promote deeper-level reform, energize factor market, create a more attractive business environment, and accelerate reform in key areas;
Pursue higher-level opening-up, increase opening up platform capacity, tap potential investment, and improve opening-up channel connectivity.
4Build Hunan into a major thoroughfare for domestic circulation and positive interplay between domestic circulation and international circulation to foster a new development paradigm
Focus on expanding consumption, to promote bulk commodity sales, establish a modern logistics system, promote consumption and e-commerce upgrade, and boost rural consumption.
Focus on expanding effective investment, upgrade traditional and develop new forms of infrastructure, address weak links in people's livelihood and infrastructure, and increase industrial investment.
5Accelerate agriculture and rural area modernization and energize agricultural and rural area development
Developing precision agriculture;
Boosting rural vitalization;
Promoting rural area reform;
Accelerating agricultural water price reform;
Consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation with efforts to promote rural revitalization; and,
Studying and rolling out policies and practices to improver monitoring and assistance mechanisms to prevent populations that have been lifted out of poverty from falling back into it again.
6Accelerate regional coordinated development and new urbanization, and unleash regional development potential
Grasp regional development opportunities to establish a regional economy layout with “one core, two sub-centers; three economic development belts, and four coordinated development regions”;

“One core” – boost Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan (CZT) integrated development to create a core growth pole for the rise of central China and drive the “3+5” City Cluster development;

“Two sub-centers” – build Yueyang and Hengyang cities into two provincial sub-centers;

“Three economic development belts” -- regions along Beijing-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming, and Chongqing-Changsha-Xiamen high-speed railways; and,

“Four coordinated development regions” – promoting coordinated development of the CZT City Cluster, Dongting Lake, southern Hunan, and western Hunan regions.

Accelerate construction of the regional cooperation pilot zone on the Hunan-Jiangxi border;
Guide industrial transformation and upgrading in lake regions, accelerate construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Green Development Demonstration Zone in Yueyang; support Changde in building a comprehensive transportation and modern logistics hub; and, support Yiyang to establish a national large lake basin ecological civilization experimental zone;
Promote opening up and development in southern Hunan;
Carry out western Hunan development strategy; and,
Push forward high-quality development of new urbanization.
7Construct a charming Hunan and improve the ecological environment
Propel pollution prevention and treatment;
Implement ecological protection and restoration; and,
Boost green and low-carbon development.
8Guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, and improve quality of people’s life
Increase sense of fulfillment through high-level employment and entrepreneurship;
Increase sense of happiness through high-quality public services; and,
Increase sense of security through efficient social governance.