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15 July 2015

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2018 Hunan Spring Rural Tourism Festival

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The 2018 Hunan Spring Rural Tourism Festival, organized by the Hunan Provincial Tourism Development Commission and the Shaoyang Municipal People's Government, was scheduled to be held in Wugang, Shaoyang between April 21 and 23.

Themed “Splendid Hunan; A Blessed Land, Wugang”, the festival consists of five major activities, including an opening ceremony; the cultural tourism products fair and southwestern Hunan food tasting; the Wugang Yunshan Mountain Camping Music Festival; the "Beautiful Shaoyang - Romantic Langshan Mountain Tour" and the "Blooming Flowers - Music Fountain Show"; and, the "Beautiful Shaoyang - Amazing Miao Village Tour". Characteristic tourism products such as indigo print fabric, Huayao cross-stitching skirt, Chang’an worm tea, and traditional cloth shoes, as well as local delicacies will be presented to demonstrate a unique Miao-village style rural tourism festival.

The tourism authority official said that Hunan rural tourism products were very popular with tourists. The rural tourism festival enriched the category of Hunan tourism products, met tourists' needs, facilitated improvement of the transportation and environment in rural areas, and promoted local economic development.

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