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15 July 2015

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Yueyang Tower

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Located on the west city wall, the Yueyang Tower is one of three famous towers in South China, the other two being the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuchang and the Prince Teng Pavillion in Nanching. The predecessor of Yueyang Tower was a structure built during the Three Kingdoms period (220 -280 AD) for reviewing military parades. In the fifth year of Emperor Qingli's reign of the Song Dynasty (716), it was rebuilt, and famous Song Dynasty essay writer Fan Zhongyan(范仲淹) wrote his famous essay "Notes on Yueyang Tower", which was considered matchless in literary beauty and profound thought.

Yueyang Tower stands close to Dongting Lake, facing Junshan Isle with the city behind. The main tower, 19 meters high, is a three-story structure supported by four pillars and made of pure wood and upturned eaves. Especially noteworthy is the tower top which resembles a helmet used by warriors in ancient times, a real rarity in the history of ancient Chinese architecture. The structure is a unique combination of artistic tastes, mechanics, architecture, and craftsmanship. The Tower affords a spectacular view of Dongting Lake.

Name:Yueyang Yueyang Tower
Address: on the west city wall
Admission: 80 CNY/person
Junshan Isle
Junshan Isle is the most famous island in Dongting Lake. It consists of 72 hilllocks, covering an area of 0.96 km2 and rising only 55 meters above sea level. There are many scenic spots and places of historic interest, and many touching fairy tales are told about the island. As the old saying goes, "the water in the Dongting Lake and Junshan in it are viewed as green from the distance. The island resembles a green snail in a silvery plate." This line was used by ancient people to describe the beautiful scenery of Junshan.

The islet, small enough, used to be crowned with as many as 36 pavilions and 48 temples, which were mostly in ruins at the time of liberation. Since the park was established in 1979, many historic sites have been renovated.

The Tomb of TWO Concubines is enveloped in a moving story. Legend has it that the two beauties buried here were daughters of Emperor Yao, a mighty trial leader at the end of the primitive society. When Shun succeeded their father, they were married to him as imperial concubines. Unfortunately, Shun died a sudden death when he went the rounds in present-day Ningyuan County of Hunan. The two concubines heard of his death and were heart-broken. At last, they died of grif. To commemorate them, people built the tomb in the east of islet and renovated it dozens of times.
Name:Yueyang Junshan Isle (Junshan Dao)

City:Junshan county in Yueyang city
Admission fee: 70 CNY/adult
Transport: No.15 sightseeing bus goes from Yueyang Railway Station to the Junshan Scenic Area for 40 minutes & 5 yuan
Tel: (86)730-8159311
Latest update: August 16, 2018