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15 July 2015

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First BFA Global Economic Development and Security Forum

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The first Global Economic Development and Security Forum of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) will be held in Changsha from October 18 to 20. How is Changsha preparing for the upcoming forum? What will the forum bring to the construction of a modern new Changsha?

Zheng Ping, CPC Committee secretary and director of the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and director of the Management Committee of the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone Changsha Area, received an interview on October 10.

To Comprehensively Improve Changsha's “International Style” Through This Forum

BFA is an international economic forum based on Asia and facing the world, and its annual conference is held regularly in Boao, Hainan Province. Since its inception 20 years ago, more than 100 heads of state and government, hundreds of Chinese and foreign ministers, and thousands of multinational companies and leading enterprises have attended its annual conference and various meetings.

The Global Economic Development and Security Forum is the third global thematic forum launched by the BFA, following the Global Health Forum and the International Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation. The forum focuses on the relationship between economic development and security, and is thus of great practical significance.

“Holding the first BFA Global Economic and Security Forum is a great opportunity for Changsha to implement the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy and develop itself into a highland of reform and opening-up in inland areas,” said Director Zheng Ping.

In his opinion, holding the forum will help publicize Changsha's city image. This will boost the availability of more funds, technologies and projects, and further empower Changsha to build itself into a new modern city. Meanwhile, the forum will serve as a bridge and a great opportunity to expand Changsha’s international exchanges and cooperation, let the world know more about Changsha, further integrate Changsha into the world, and comprehensively improve Changsha’s “international style”.

Preliminary Preparations in Place

The theme of the forum is “Economic Security and Sustainable Development in a Changing World”. Thirty activities will be held during the forum, including 8 important events such as the plenary session, the Dialogue between Chinese and Foreign Enterprises, and the opening ceremony, as well as 21 parallel forums and one youth roundtable. Among them, there are three events with Changsha elements. They focus on intelligent manufacturing, food safety and a dialogue with the pilot free trade zone, respectively.

More than 3,000 guests, including state leaders, provincial and ministerial leaders, heads of international organizations, foreign envoys to China, academicians, experts, well-known scholars, as well as heads of fortune 500 and listed companies, will attend 30 events online and offline.

According to Director Zheng Ping, the preparatory work concerning registration, guest reception, publicity and promotion, exhibition arrangements, hotel accommodation, security, and epidemic prevention and control has been in place.

Several inspections and arrangements have been made for the forum’s 8 important events. More than 2,000 rooms in 8 hotels have been arranged to provide catering and accommodation. Over 240 high-quality college students have been selected to assist in the work. Contingency plans for food hygiene, transportation, fire fighting, security and epidemic prevention have been formulated and improved. Epidemic prevention and control measures have been adjusted according to the actual condition.

A promo video for the forum has already been played at the Beijing Capital International Airport and New York Times Square, to continue expand the forum’s influence and publicize Changsha.