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15 July 2015

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Hunan Post 919 Rural Revitalization E-Commerce Festival

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The 2021 Hunan Post 919 Rural Revitalization E-Commerce Festival was launched on September 9. It will last until September 30, according to Du Weihong, manager of the China Post Hunan Branch. Taking the opportunity of various nationwide activities of the China Post 919 Harvest and Shopping Festival, Hunan will promote local agricultural and specialty products to the country.

This event is based on an agricultural product promotion to assist national poverty-alleviation counties. It sets up a rural revitalization pavilion and a Hunan page on the China Post E-commerce Platform (, to leverage the network resource of China Post to promote 50 kinds of quality agricultural products.

Quality and specialty agricultural and industrial products from agricultural belts and featured advantage zones in Hunan Province will be promoted both online and offline via live streaming, brand day, scan-to-buy activities. Digital technologies will be adopted to improve service and customer experience at online and offline shops.

A variety of marketing activities will be held online and offline, such as live-streaming promotion, information pushing on China Post’s ULE platform and WeChat public account, Tencent advertisements, and Douyin live streaming. People are motivated to participate, to help increase farmers’ income and stimulate domestic demands.

During the past four sessions of the festival, Hunan has promoted nearly 3,000 specialty agricultural products, and organized hundreds of promotion fairs. The total amount of business transactions exceeded 1.8 billion yuan. In 2020, the sales of Mayang orange and Xiangxi kiwi fruits, as the post service agricultural base projects, hit 15 million and 6 million yuan respectively. This year, the sales of Yanling yellow peaches reached nearly 20 million yuan.

The event is hosted by the China Post Hunan Branch, Hunan Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hunan Department of Commerce, Hunan Bureau of Rural Revitalization, CCYL Hunan Committee, Hunan Post Administration, and Postal Savings Bank of China Hunan Branch.

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