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15 July 2015

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2021 Hunan Summer Rural Cultural Tourism Festival

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The 2021 Hunan Summer Rural Cultural Tourism Festival will be held at Yangtianhu Prairie in Beihu District, Chenzhou City on July 30, according to a press conference held by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government Information Office on July 21.

The festival will feature revolutionary traditions, green development, national integration, and rural revitalization.

A variety of activities will be held, including:
--Opening ceremony of the 2021 Hunan Summer Rural Cultural Tourism Festival;
--South China Yoga Conference;
--South China Camping Festival;
--Outdoors Fitness;
--Short-video Competition;
--Gourmet Food Selection; and,
--Cultural Creative Products Competition.

The events will enable tourists to experience the grassland in south China and learn about beautiful scenery, food, and featured industries of Chenzhou.

Beihu District is rich in tourism resources, with fascinating sceneries such as Wanhua Rock, Yangtianhu Prairie, and Longnv Hot Spring. Choosing Beihu District as the holding venue will help promote cultural tourism integration in Chenzhou with high standards, and create a new benchmark for the whole province. It will help continue to expand the influence of its tourism brand, deepen red or revolutionary and green integration, promote deep integration and coordinated development of rural tourism, red education, and rural revitalization, and build Beihu District into an influential rural cultural tourism destination in the country.

The festival is hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Chenzhou Municipal People’s Government, and organized by the Chenzhou Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, and Sports, and the Beihu District People’s Government.

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