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15 July 2015

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New Year's Celebrations Across Hunan

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A variety of holiday activities are holding and to be held across Hunan to greet the new year. Happy 2020! Wish you a new year filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment.  
Orange Isle Fireworks Show on New Year’s Day
Time: 20:30-20:50, January 1, 2020
Venue: Fireworks Square, Orange Isle
Best places for viewing
1. Charging places:
Du Fu Pavilion
Aboard a cruise ship on the Xiangjiang River
2. Places free of charge
Du Fu Pavilion’s surroundings
Xiangjiang River levee near Xiaoxiang Road (Middle)
Siyangfangzun (Four Sheep Statue) Square
Fengfan (sail) Square
Xiangjiang Road (Middle)
The observation deck atop Yuelu Mountain
3. Others
Restaurants at the commercial plazas along the Xiangjiang River 
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Shiyan Lake Lantern Festival
Duration: December 24, 2019 - February 16, 2020
Venue: Shiyan Lake Scenic Area, Tiaoma Town, Yuhua District, Changsha
Activities: Molten iron sparks show, lantern show, and dragon dance performances; and enjoying delicious food
Entry time: 16:30-21:00
Chinese source: Official Wechat account of Shiyan Lake Scenic Area 
New Year Activities at Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage Theme Park
Duration: January 1, 2020-January 5, 2020
Venue: Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage Theme Park, next to Yuening Avenue, Xiangshan New Village, Xiaduopu Town, Ningxiang City, Changsha
Activities: visiting a temple fair, enjoying lanterns and lion dance performances, tasting creative food and hands-on activities.
1.New Year Carnival
Date: 9:00-21:00, January 1, 2020 
Thousands of lanterns will light up the sky over the park.
2.Hands-on activities
Intangible Cultural Heritage Class by Li Wanzhen, representative inheritor of "lion head" making
Time: January 1 - January 3, 2020
Forty lion heads will be sent free of charge every day.
3.Hand-made works classes
Time: January 1-January 5
Hand-made works classes for traditional Chinese painting, paper, clay, and Chinese knot will open.
Chinese source: Official Wechat account of Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage Theme Park 
New Year Activities at Window on the World

1.New Year Fireworks Show
Time: December 31, 2019-January 1, 2020
2.Snow Spraying Fight 
Time: December 20, 2019-January 1, 2020
3.New Year's Day Red Nose Clown Festival
Time: January 1, 2020-January 7, 2020
Top-level clowns from all over the world will gather in Changsha to stage humorous sitcoms and walk on stilts. 
Chinese source: Offical website of Window on the World
New Year Activities at Xie Zilong Photography Museum
Duration: 21:00, December 31, 2019 - 01:00, January 1, 2020
Three exhibition halls will be open till 24:00 on December 31, 2019.
New Year's Eve play and a light show will be staged.
Chinese source: Offical website of Xie Zilong Photography Museum
Hunan Forest Botanical Garden to Offer Free Admission from Jan. 1, 2020
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The Hunan Forest Botanical Garden will open to the public free of charge since January 1, 2020. Tourists will enjoy free admission to much-anticipated events including cherry blossom festival in the garden.
The garden will follow the principles of “ex-situ conservation and science popularization”. It will intensify efforts in protecting endangered plants, enhancing science popularization, speeding up the implementation of development plans, innovating modes for touring around the garden, and holding various cultural experience activities. 
The World-famous Flower Eco-cultural Festival will be a highlight throughout the year, with large flower shows to be held in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Flower-themed cultural events will be held simultaneously to attract more tourists.
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Zhangjiajie Launches Ten Winter Tourism Activities
Photo/ Wu Yongbing, Information Office of the Zhangjiajie Municipal People’s Government
Duration: December 1, 2019-February 29, 2020
Venue: Zhangjiajie
The 2019 Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism Marketing Activities are held from December 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020.
Zhangjiajie launches ten themed activities to attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy snow scenery, hot springs, ice skating, and folk customs.
The ten themed activities include:
3rd China (Zhangjiajie) International Tourism Poetry Festival;
Opening of Zhangjiajie Ice and Snow World (ski resort);
Tujia New Year Celebrations in B&B inns; and,
Lantern Festival Celebrations.
Zhangjiajie folk cultural traditions will be presented at 100 high-quality B&B inns between Laba Festival (January 2, 2020) to Chinese Lunar New Year eve (January 24, 2020). Tourists may try their hands at making Ciba (glutinous rice cakes); sample delicious local food; learn baishou (hand-waving) dance; and experience Tujia Gannian Festival (which comes one day earlier than the New Year's Eve of the Han people and is the most ceremonious festival of the Tujia people.).
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Free Admission Offered to Xinshao Scenic Spots 
Duration: December 20, 2019-March 20, 2020
Venue: Xinshao County
Visitors may enjoy free admission to Xinshao County’s all tourist attractions between December 20, 2019 and March 20, 2020. Thirty percent discount will be offered for events that were independently managed by scenic spots during the period. All starred hotels, farmhouses, and other rural tourist sites will offer varying degrees of discounts.  
In 2020, the county will hold two theme activities to explore how Bailong Karst Cave was formed and discover the secrets to a long life of the people living in the area. Experts, scholars, and tourists throughout the country will be invited.  
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3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival Opens 
Duration: December 20, 2019-February 8, 2020
Venue: Liuzhuang Scenic Area, Yueyang
On December 20, the 3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival and the “G240 Local Delicacies Corridor” Zhangshugang New Year Celebrations kicked off at Liuzhuang Scenic Area—former residence of Zuo Zongtang, a prominent statesman and military leader in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). 
The festival aims to inherit Hunan’s folk culture and traditions, and promote all-for-one tourism. 
The festival will last till February 8, 2020. A variety of activities will be held to showcase traditional folk culture, including:
-- Xiangyin cultural performances;
-- Agricultural and sideline products pooled procurement;
--Vegetable picking;
-- Hands-on events of fishing and purchase; 
-- Xiangyin local snacks tasting (including General Tso's chicken, Zhangshugang chili, Helong Lake hairy crabs, ciba or glutinous rice cakes, stinky tofu, popcorn, and barbecue); and, 
-- New Year celebrations.
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