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15 July 2015

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“Opening Doors to the Arts with Kids” Serial Performances

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The “Opening Doors to the Arts with Kids” serial performances are launched.
Between July 7 and August 26, the Changsha Concert Hall and the Meixihu International Culture & Arts Centre Grand Theatre will jointly stage a serial summer vocation performances themed “Opening Doors to the Arts”, to give an art feast to children and their families. 
The performances are originated from around the world, such as U.S.A, U.K., and Spain, and in various forms, including symphony, folk music, chorus, play, clown show, Peking opera, shadow puppet show, and audiovisual and picture book concert. A number of kids’ favored cartoon figures will be on the stage, such as Do-Re-Mi, Chihiro Ogino, Shaun the Sheep, Alice, and Mini Special Force. Various interactive activities will be arranged during the performances, to cheer up the kids. 
The menu of the “Opening Doors to the Arts” serial performances at the Meixihu Grand Theatre
There will be 5 themed summer camps: a Peking opera summer camp organized by the National Peking Opera Company; a Pipa (a pear-shaped stringed instrument) summer camp organized by Wu Yuxia, a Chinese top-tier Pipa master; and, chorus, folk music, and wind music summer camps organized by Poly Wedo and the Hunan Song and Dance Theatre National Orchestra. These will enable more children and teenagers to enjoy happy hours of culture and arts. 
The sales of the serial performances tickets started on May 29. The ticket price for all the performances will not exceed 100 CNY, for the purpose of arts popularization. A ticket package, 900 CNY for 12 performances, is available for the serial performances in both the Changsha Concert Hall and the Meixihu Grand Theatre. 
The menu of the “Opening the Doors to Arts” serial performances
During the summer vacation, a series of world-class performances are on the schedule, including: 
A concert of the OFERTA Orchestra of Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, will be staged at the Changsha Concert Hall on July 23;
A concert of the Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc (the little singers of Saint Marc), the best French children’s choir, and the inheritor of the original song of the film “The Chorus”, , will be staged at the Changsha Concert Hall on July 27;
 Matilda, an 86-award-winning musical show at the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End, will be staged at the Meixihu Grand Theatre between August 19 and 25. More than half of the actors in the musical are children, and the heroine is a five-year-old girl. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
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