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15 July 2015

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Students from U.S., China Stage Traditional Chinese Dancing Show

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HOUSTON, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of Chinese students from southern U.S. college campuses, along with young girls from a Houston-based dance school, staged a traditional Chinese dancing show Saturday night.
The Chinese students who are from universities in southern U.S. states of Texas, Georgia and Florida joined students from the J&H Dance School to stage a show of "Dancing Key," in which the young talents performed traditional Chinese dance such as "The Spirit of Peacock," "Swan Goose" and "The Mongolians," showing the beauties of love and nature.
The J&H Dance School was founded in 1997 in Houston and is currently operated by Zhou Jie and school principal Gao Xiaohui. As a leading organization of instructing and introducing Chinese traditional and contemporary culture and performance dances, the J&H was recognized by the Beijing Dance Academy in 1999 and became the first overseas agency in the United States qualified to issue the Chinese Dance Grading Certificate.
Source: Xinhua