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15 July 2015

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Hunan Tourism Authorities Call for Stopping Wasting Food, Promoting Thrift

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The Hunan Tourism Association and the Hunan Tourist Hotel Association jointly issued a proposal on August 12, to call for all the scenic areas, hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants in Hunan to stop food waste and promote thrift in an all-round and long-term way.

The members of the associations promptly responded to the call and took actions to fulfill their social responsibilities, develop a sense of thriftiness, advocate scientific and civilized dining, improve their conduct, strengthen business constraints and supervision, and safeguard anti-epidemic achievements. They are required to take the initiative to practice thrift in the processes of production, processing, operation, and management, to put an end to food waste.

The proposal asks related enterprises to roll out practical measures to curb food waste, including scientific design of banquet menus and adjustment of dishes quantity; promote light meals, individual dishes, and smaller or half-portioned dishes; guide clients to serve themselves; and, thoroughly boost “empty plate” campaign, and provide free packing service for leftovers. Waste should be prevented in the whole process of catering service, to promote the awareness of “cherishing food; taking leftovers home; and stopping waste”.

The Hunan Tourism Association will open an “anti-waste” complaint hotline and online complaints, and collaborate with the Hunan Department of Culture and Tourism and the Department for Market Regulation to enhance supervision and improvement. 

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