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15 July 2015

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Video: “Green” in Hunan

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World Environment Day 2020 calls for urgent action to protect biodiversity.
China’s theme is “Achieving a Beautiful China”.
Let’s describe “Green Hunan” with data.

As of 2019, there were
180 nature reserves in Hunan, covering more than 1.5 million hectares; and,
122 provincial level, or higher, forest parks covering 492,100 hectares.
Forest coverage reached 59.9%.

In these reserves,
More than 90% of Hunan’s wildlife species are preserved, and
More than 20,000 rare plants, such as the Zhiyuan fir [Abies ziyuanensis], sinojackia dolichocarpa, and the Cathay Silver Fir [cathaya argyrophylla], were cultivated.

In the Dongting Lake Reserve,
More than 240,600 migratory birds winter, and,
110 cowfish, 198 Pere David deer, 13,514 lesser white-fronted geese [Anser erythropus], and 6,274 cygnets were seen. 

There are 345 surface water inspection sections in Hunan,
At 24 water quality is Class I, at 271 Class II, and at 34 Class III.
There are 329 sections of water quality covering Class I to Class III, accounting for 95.4% of all.

The waters of Xiangjiang, Zijiang, Yuanjiang, and Lishui Rivers, and,
The Yangtze River Hunan section and rivers around Dongting Lake,
Are of good quality.

Flourishing greenery forms scenic landscapes.
Hunan presents itself to the world
With its clear waters and lush mountains.

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