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15 July 2015

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Five Hunan Cities on 2019 China’s Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities List

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Recently the 2019 China’s Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities List was released by the China Customs magazine. The list was based on comprehensive competitiveness in foreign trade for 2019. A total of 297 cities were evaluated by the statistical department of the Chinese General Administration of Customs, 171 of which had a foreign trade growth rate of more than 5% and 128 of which had a growth rate of more than 10%.

Twenty-five indexes of five aspects were taken into consideration, including capability, industrial structure, profits, development and potential of foreign trade.

Five Hunan cities made the list. Changsha ranked 32 with a total score of 71.9, advancing one place in the ranking over the previous year. Yueyang, Xiangtan, Henagyang, and Chenzhou ranked 36th, 49th, 64th, and 81st respectively, with a total score of 71.6, 70.9, 70.5, and 70.0.

The listed five cities reflects the overall performance of Hunan’s foreign trade.

In 2019, the total import and export value of Hunan hit a record high to 434.22 billion yuan, up 41.2% over the previous year. The growth rate ranked first nationwide.

In the first half of this year, Hunan’s foreign trade and investment increased in spite of the adverse situation. The total import and export value hit 208.07 billion yuan, up 13.4%. The growth rate ranked third in the country. Hunan’s actually utilized foreign investment for this period rose 8.6% to 10.4 billion USD. Its foreign direct investment in actual use reached 680 million USD, with the growth rate ranking first in central China.

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