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15 July 2015

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All Key Industrial Enterprises Resume Production in Changsha

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While achieving positive results in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, Changsha has made unremitting efforts to promote the resumption of production, advance investment promotion, and offer related support services, striving to realize the economic and social development goals and tasks for this year.

Production Resumption
The production output is increasing day by day, grabbing a greater market share.

Statistics from the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology show that, as of 16:00 on March 1, 2020, 2,549 industrial enterprises above a designated scale in Changsha have resumed production and 442,000 people have resumed work, with a resumption rate of 98.3%; and all 114 key industrial enterprises in the city have resumed production.

Project of Investment Promotion
Advancing online investment promotion and offering targeted assistance

Statistics from the Changsha Commerce Bureau show that, between January and February, the city introduced 13 major investment projects, each with an investment valued over 200 million CNY. The total investment was 14.8 billion CNY. Among them, there were 8 industrial manufacturing projects with a total investment of 8.7 billion CNY, and there were 3 projects of Fortune 500, China Top 500, and China Private 500 enterprises, with a total investment of 5.5 billion CNY.

As of February 28, 2020, the resumption rate of foreign-invested enterprises above a designated size was about 86%. In the first two months of this year, the actually utilized foreign capital is expected to reach 1.16 billion USD, up 19.2% from last year, fulfilling 16.6% of the annual task. Twenty percent of the annual task is expected to be fulfilled in the first quarter; and more than half of the annual task is expected to be fulfilled in the first half of the year.

Supporting Services

Settling tax-related issues and providing financial services

According to the Changsha Tax Bureau, in order to timely solve the tax-related problems encountered by enterprises in resuming production and help enterprises enjoy various tax preferences, the bureau has vigorously expanded online tax handling channels and promoted "non-contact" handling of tax-related businesses; arranged a "tax steward" for each key anti-epidemic materials manufacturer; and, set up a professional service team to guide key enterprises to resume production.

In order to provide targeted financial services to enterprises, Changsha held a bank-enterprise matchmaking meeting and a key project signing activity. Fifty enterprises signed 48 projects with 14 banks, with a total contract amount of 50.2 billion CNY. In addition, the Bank of Changsha, in collaboration with the Changsha Evening News, organized an activity to help enterprises resume production and support the development of the local real economy.