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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s Hotel Corporation Selected as UNESCO Supplier

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Huatian Chinagora Hotel Paris was recently selected as the only UNESCO supplier of Chinese cuisine. It is a subordinate hotel of the Huatian Industry Holding Group, a leading hotel and tourism corporation in Hunan.

Huatian Chinagora Hotel was founded in Paris in 2012 as Huatian Group’s first high star-level hotel overseas. It serves guests from all over the world by adhering to the principle of “Chinese people’s home in Paris”, and “Promoting Chinese national catering brand to the world”. It is preferred by Chinese people in France on business or vacation. It is a home for overseas Chinese, and a window to present Chinese culture, history, and food to global visitors. In December 2019, it was titled “Best Partner in Europe” by the largest Chinese local travel agency in Europe.

Since 2016, the hotel has participated in UNESCO’s “Experience China – Chinese Catering Culture Promotion” events for four consecutive years. All foreign diplomats were deeply impressed by Chinese cooking skills and dishes presentations on the site. In 2018, head chef Li Pengfei and chef Pan Jiabin were titled “UNESCO ‘Experience China – Chinese Catering Culture Promotion Envoys”. On June 6, 2019, the hotel received ambassadors from more than 40 countries who spoke highly of its orderly and meticulous service.

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