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15 July 2015

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2021 Hunan Loving Care for Those in Need Event Series Kick off

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On January 12, the launching ceremony of the 2021 Hunan Loving Care for Those in Need was held in Changsha. Hunan Vice Governor Zhu Zhongming attended and delivered a speech.

It was said that, in order to better carry out this year’s event series of caring for those in need, the civil affairs departments of the provincial, municipal, and county governments jointly raised 409 million yuan of funds and supplies through various means such as special financial funds, charity fundraising, and mobilizing social forces to participate. They will be offered to 670,000 families in need. At the opening ceremony, the Ausnutria Dairy and other kind-hearted companies donated 35 million yuan of funds and materials to the event, and sent New Year gift packages to 10 representatives of the poor households.

Vice Governor Zhu noted that the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Hunan Province have attached great importance to the people’s livelihood work and paid special attention to the people in need. They have included the improvement of urban and rural subsistence allowances, the “two subsidies” for the disabled, and the building of special support for poverty-stricken facilities in the key livelihood projects for years. They have successively issued important policy documents concerning social assistance, elderly care services, medical security, etc., and earnestly organized and carried out such work as basic livelihood security for the needy during the "two holidays—New Year holiday and Spring Festival holiday" this year, normalized epidemic prevention and control, and caring activities.

He asked departments at all levels to further improve political positions; concern about the feelings of the people; strengthen publicity and guidance; integrate resources from all parties; organize and carry forward greeting activities; and, show loving care of the Party and the government to the people in difficulties. It is necessary to make every effort to ensure the basic life of the people in need, including those receiving urban and rural subsistence allowances, extremely poor people, orphans and disabled children, and vagrants and beggars, to ensure that they have a safe and warm winter and a happy celebration of the following Spring Festival.

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