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15 July 2015

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Hunan Has 4 More National “All-For-One” Tourism Demonstration Zones

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The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on November 18 the second batch of the national “all-for-one” tourism demonstration zones. Zhangjiajie’s Yongding District, Changsha’s Wangcheng District, Fenghuang County of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and Chenzhou’s Zixing City made the list.

So far, Hunan has 7 national “all-for-one” tourism demonstration zones, in addition to the three listed among first batch of 71 demonstration zones announced in last September. The three zones are Hengyang’s Nanyue District, Xiangtan’s Shaoshan City, and Zhangjiajie’s Wulingyuan District.

The national “all-for-one” tourism demonstration zones selection is based on the examination, approval, and management measures (trial) and the examination standard (trial) for such zones. They were examined via review meeting and by third-party organizations, from eight aspects including policy guarantee, public service, supply system, and innovative demonstration.

On March 2018, China’s State Council issued guidelines on promoting “all-for-one” tourism. Changes would be made in tourism industry -- from ticket selling to developing tourism economy; from an extensive and inefficient development pattern to a sophisticated and efficient way; from a development loop behind closed doors to open circulations; from isolated to collaborated and shared development; from self-management of scenic areas to law-based administration in an all-around way; from department management to government integrated administration; and, constructing scenic spots to comprehensive tourism service destinations. 

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