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15 July 2015

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6th China (Langshan) Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival Kicks off

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Promotion Conference of the 6th Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival. 

The 6th China (Langshan) Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival Promotion Conference was held in Changsha on November 19. The festival is being held in Xinning County, Shaoyang City from November 19 to December 31.

The festival includes seven main activities like a promotion conference and an orchard opening ceremony. The main venue of the orchard opening ceremony is located in the Sanxing Longfeng Orchard in Huanglong Town. There are also three sub-venues set up in Xiangtang Village of Qingjiangqiao Township; Shuimiao New Village of Shuimiao Town; and, Mr. Dai Winery in Langshan Town. Well-known domestic cultural experts and scholars will be invited to the First China (Langshan) Academy Culture Forum, to share views on Xinning’s culture development and academy culture inheritance through a case study of the newly discovered 1,000-year-old Ziyang Academy.

Background information:

Xinning County, located in southwestern Hunan, has beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources. Langshan Mountain in the county is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a national 5A-level scenic area. Langshan navel orange is a fruit species independently selected and cultivated by Xinning County and registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

At present, the planting area of navel oranges in Xinning County has grown from 180,000 mu (12,000 ha.) in 2013 to 500,000 mu (about 33,333 ha.) in 2020, with an annual yield of 700,000 tons and an annual output value of 5 billion yuan. Xinning is among the first batch of China’s pollution-free fruit production demonstration counties, and it is a national green food raw material standardized production base and a navel orange producer along the national citrus superior industrial belt. Langshan navel orange is one of the top 100 most popular regional fruit brands in China.

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