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15 July 2015

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Changsha Customs Assists in Fast Clearance of E-commerce Goods

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For cross-border e-commence enterprises, it is critical to keep transportation channels smooth and ensure on-time delivery of goods. The Changsha Customs streamlined the declaration procedures to facilitate swift circulation of e-commerce goods. As of March 19, the Customs Office of Changsha Huanghua International Airport had supervised 327,000 shipments of cross-border e-commerce bonded imports, with a total value of 84.769 million CNY. The quantity and value of goods exceeded those in 2019.

On February, 2020, the Changsha Customs worked out 12 measures to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic, help import and export enterprises across Hunan resume production and work, and boost stable and healthy growth of foreign trade. To support foreign trade enterprises to resume production and work, it assigned coordinators to enterprises, to learn about and help to address their difficulties in resuming import and export operation. The Changsha Customs provided "7-day-24-hour" customs clearance services and reservation services after office hours or during holidays.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Customs Office of Changsha Huanghua Airport tailored supervision solutions on emergency customs clearance according to the difficulties of different enterprises.

It opened up "green channels" for e-commerce enterprises; simplified regulatory processes based on "Internet plus Customs" and other online means; resorted to flexible measures including inspection requiring no presence in person, detection coming after release, guarantee release, and delivery in batches and centralized customs declaration. These measures facilitated fast circulation, customs clearance, inspection and release, and delivery of e-commerce commodities in and out of the Changsha Huanghua Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

In an effort to ensure speedy customs clearance of goods, the Changsha Customs carried out point-to-point connection with enterprises, assigned one customs officer to each enterprise in the zone, to provide customized services and solutions amid the pandemic.