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15 July 2015

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Hunan Reports 20 New Cases of COVID-19

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During the 24 hours of February 13, 20 new confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 were reported in Hunan. Three new victims were in critical condition, no more patient died of the disease, and 40 more patients were discharged from hospitals. Among the newly-confirmed cases, 10 are in Changsha, 1 in Hengyang, 2 in Zhuzhou, 2 in Xiangtan, 1 in Shaoyang, 1 in Yueyang, 1 in Changde, 1 in Chenzhou, and 1 in Loudi.

Among the new cases in critical condition, there is one in Yueyang, Yiyang, and Yongzhou each. Among the newly-recovered cases, 6 are in Changsha, 2 in Hengyang, 7 in Zhuzhou, 8 in Shaoyang, 2 in Yueyang, 2 in Changde, 5 in Yongzhou, 5 in Huaihua, and 3 in Loudi.

As of 24:00 on February 13, a total of 988 cumulative confirmed cases had been reported in Hunan, including 130 cumulative in critical condition. Two people had died, and 352 patients had been discharged from hospitals. There are now 55 in critical condition. Among the confirmed cases, 238 are in Changsha, 46 in Hengyang, 77 in Zhuzhou, 34 in Xiangtan, 100 in Shaoyang, 149 in Yueyang, 78 in Changde, 5 in Zhangjiajie, 59 in Yiyang, 39 in Chenzhou, 43 in Yongzhou, 39 in Huaihua, 73 in Loudi, and 8 in Xiangxi. Among the patients who remain in critical condition, 17 are in Changsha, 2 in Hengyang, 6 in Zhuzhou, 4 in Xiangtan, 4 in Shaoyang, 3 in Yueyang, 4 in Changde, 5 in Yiyang, 2 in Chenzhou, 3 in Yongzhou, 1 in Huaihua, and 4 in Loudi. 

Among the dead, there is one in Shaoyang and Yueyang each.  Among the patients who were discharged from hospitals, 63 are in Changsha, 25 in Hengyang, 21 in Zhuzhou, 12 in Xiangtan, 41 in Shaoyang, 44 in Yueyang, 26 in Changde, 3 in Zhangjiajie, 22 in Yiyang, 15 in Chenzhou, 23 in Yongzhou, 26 in Huaihua, 25 in Loudi, and 6 in Xiangxi.  A total of 24,971 close contacts have been traced, among whom 5,477 are under medical observation while 19,494 others have been discharged. 

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