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15 July 2015

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Hunan Gives Policy Support to Yuelu Mountain National University Science and Technology Town Development

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The Hunan Provincial People’s Government General Office recently issued the Opinions on Supporting the Development of the Yuelu Mountain National University Science and Technology Town.

According to the Opinions: 

The Yuelu Mountain National University Science and Technology Town (“the town” for short) is Hunan’s major national pilot in integrating industrial production and education, and plays a leading and demonstration role in mechanism and mode innovation. 

Hunan’s higher educational institutions are encouraged to carry out nearby and local commercialization of research findings. The town is encouraged to prior to carry out and try innovation and entrepreneurship supporting policies and reforms.
Governments at all levels, enterprises and public institutions are required to give priority to purchasing technologies and products of the research institutions and enterprises in the town when all other conditions are equal. 

The town is encouraged to recommend self-developed innovative products to apply for two-oriented product identification, and entering government procurement catalog of two-oriented projects.

Funding support of not less than 10 million CNY from the provincial government will be rewarded to each national innovation platform. Policy support will be given to hi-tech projects and enterprises. University science and technology parks will get subsidies for rents and operation expenses. Case-by-case approval system and key support are available to the especially important platforms including national laboratories and key scientific and technological infrastructure project.

The Changsha Municipal People’s Government should provide appropriate subsidies to the highly-skilled talents and those in urgent need in the universities and enterprises in the town. Related employee welfare expenses can be deducted from the enterprise taxable income.

“Green channels” for foreign scientific and technological talents will be opened. Changsha, and such units as research institutions, universities, and enterprises, are given priority to building “Talent Apartments” and “Academician Towns”, or granting subsidies for rental housing.

The opinions highlight forging efficient and high quality business environment. A “green channel” for case-by-case approval is opened for the issues which should be approved by departments of the ministries or provincial government, and those related to the town development. 

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government

Translator: Pang Yuehui

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