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15 July 2015

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Malanshan Copyright Service Center Established

2019-12-19 Download Print Comment
The Malanshan Copyright Service Center was unveiled and put into service on December 17, 2019. It will serve as a public service platform to offer “one-stop” copyright services including copyright registration, protection, notarization, and trading. This marked that the city’s copyright protection has reached a new level.
In recent years, Changsha has insisted on strengthening copyright management and cultivating copyright industry as an important part of its efforts to promote the development of cultural industry. It has taken such measures as increasing policy incentives, releasing industrial information, implementing cultivation projects, improving service, promoting copyright transactions, and strengthening copyright training, so as to improve the level of copyright creation, application, protection, management and service in the whole city.
The center has three main areas for reception, copyright negotiation and mediation, and exhibition respectively. The reception area mainly deals with copyright registration and subsidy, consultation, rights protection, notarization, and assistance. The copyright negotiation and mediation area functions as an independent venue for copyright trading or rights protection and mediation. The exhibition area displays excellent copyright works, including Hunan embroidery artworks, Tongguan Kiln porcelains, and other physical copyright works, as well as digital copyright works such as movies, TV programs, and short videos.