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15 July 2015

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2021 Changsha Int'l Construction Equipment Exhibition to Be Promoted Worldwide

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The first press conference for the 2021 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition was held in Bangalore, India, on December 11, 2019. It announced that the exhibition will be held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center between May 19 and 22, 2021. 
The theme will be “Intelligent New-generation Construction Equipment”. The exhibition area will cover an area of 250,000 sqm, composing of 8 indoor and 5 outdoor display areas. More than 1,500 enterprises, including more than 30 global top 50 construction equipment manufacturers, will show their products. The quantity and quality of the exhibitors will at a higher level than the previous session in 2019. 
There will be 17 special zones including those for concrete machinery, crane, construction machinery, earthmoving machine, forklift, pavement construction machinery, and marine machinery. Twenty-eight international forums will be held, such as a high-end manufacturing forum, a construction machinery industrial chain development forum, and a forum of the world’s men of the time engaging in construction machinery, and a thousand-person forum for construction machinery aftermarket. 
The exhibition organization committee will collaborate with more than 100 national construction and engineering contractors and associations to prepare for sub-exhibitions in Southeast Asia and Africa. A 100-country trader network will be established to facilitate international communication and commercial cooperation. The visits of invited guests, professional audiences, and traders will amount to 200,000, including more than 50,000 from abroad. 
The Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition follows the principle of higher starting point, higher standards, and higher requirements, to reach world-class level. It will, from the global perspective, map a promotion route around the leading countries and regions in construction machinery. Promotion events and press conferences will be held in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chile, U.S.A, Japan, Nigeria, Italy, and Russia. Invitations are sent to high quality buyers worldwide. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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