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15 July 2015

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Hunan Artistic Performance Staged in Botswana

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A performance entitled “Authentic China , Charming Hunan” was staged in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, on December 7, 2019. Various artistic performances, such as folk music, sketches, and operas, provided audiences a feast of traditional Chinese culture and arts. 
About 800 people watched. This included representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Botswana; Chinese commercial enterprises and institutions; and, overseas Chinese and diplomatic envoys in Botswana. 
Hunan’s folk song Liuyang River and the flower-drum opera Liu Hai Cuts Firewood evoked a chorus by the audiences. Erhu solo Jasmine and Horse Racing presented unique charms of Chinese musical instrument. A silent sketch Mop the Mirror was performed. A male solo O Sole Mio was applauded by the audience. 
The performance was hosted by the Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Hunan Performance Group. It was organized by the Africa-China Culture and Arts Exchange Society (ACCAES) and the Oriental Post. It aimed to promote traditional Chinese culture, facilitate exchange between Chinese and African artists, and enhance China-Africa cultural and artistic cooperation. 
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