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15 July 2015

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67 Mln Tourist Trips During National Day Holiday

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The Hunan Provincial Culture and Tourism Department announced on Oct. 8 that more than 67.36 million tourist trips were made in Hunan during the seven-day National Day holiday, up 11.5% from last year. Tourism revenue exceeded 41.6 billion CNY, up 16.74%. One hundred and twenty-five provincially-monitored scenic spots had more than 130 million tourist arrivals and an operating income of 866 million CNY, up 13.2% and 10.9% respectively.
Red (revolutionary-related) tourism sites were must-sees for many during the holiday. Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area, Shaoshan, Orange Isle, and Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall had tourist trips of 537,800, 390,900, 387,800, and 207,900 respectively. Red tourism has been booming in the border areas of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, such as Liuyang, Pingjiang, Liling, Chaling, Yanling, Guidong, and Rucheng.
Tourists were showing a growing interest in driving and high-speed tours. Numerous tourists took high-speed trains to the route of Mangshan Mountain, Dongjiang Lake and Rucheng County; and that of Shun Emperor Mountain and the Dong’an flower garden. Throngs of tourists drove to campgrounds in Xiangxi’s Fenghuang, Shaoyang’s Wugang, and Wangcheng’s Moon Island, resulting in a shortage of camping spots.
Cultural tourism contributed significantly to holiday spending. Six cultural tourism routes and ten cultural tourism industry towns provided options for tourists. They could explore hometowns of the great, charming Xiangxi, and beautiful Dongting Lake, as well as visit Liuyang’s Wenjiashi Town and Yongshun’s Furong Town. Hunan had more than 9 million overnight trips during the holiday, up 10.9%. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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