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15 July 2015

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Yueyang Jungle Adventure Park Opens

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Overseas Chinese youths sing “I Love You China”. 
An international friend rock climbs. 
Jungle Adventures Park, located atop Pingjiang’s Mufu Mountain, officially opened to the public on July 14. 
The idea for the park is French. The investment is 100 million CNY. It has outdoor expedition experiences that involve heights, speed, strength and stamina in a series of jungle adventures, sporting events, entertainment, and challenges. Ten themed events with distinctive characteristics have been developed to meet the needs of age groups over 3 years old.
A jungle adventure-themed live show sponsored by Mufu Mountain scenic spot and organized by a Hunan-based news platform has officially launched. Eight live shows will broadcast over the following three months. 
International friends from all continents joined the challenge of a high-altitude jump.
Over the next four months, all visitors can challenge the black rope course. Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly winners will receive gifts. 
A video clip competition was launched that day. The best one will be selected according to number of views and likes. The winner will receive bonuses and free park admissions.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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