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15 July 2015

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Policies on Supporting Cultural Enterprises to Export

On Dec. 4, the Publicity Department of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province held a meeting on releasing Cultural Products Exporting Policies and cooperation and exchange between Hunan and Hong Kong in cultural creation industries in Changsha. At the meeting, Hunan presented its plan to adopt funding support, tax preference, facilitating customs clearance and financial service, so as to encourage cultural enterprises to compete internationally and to expand export of cultural products and services.

At the meeting, person in charge from Hunan Provincial Commerce Department released the concerned policies on exporting of Hunan culture and interpreted the document- Suggestions on Encouraging and Supporting the Export of Cultural Products and Services, jointly issued by Hunan Provincial Party Committee Publicity Department and Provincial Commence Department. The document confirmed to support and encourage exports of products and derivatives of  industries, such as broadcasting, film and television industry, new media (Internet), publication and painting, animation and game, performing and entertaining, culture creativity and arts and crafts, which are relatively competitive and influential nationwide.  

We will evaluate and rate the Hunan’s key enterprises and projects of culture exporting every other year and give them priority support. Thus they can enjoy more favorable policies in exit and entry border, settlement of exchange, customs clearance, financial service, tax preference, etc. In terms of capital, we’ll give performance awards to those affirmed key enterprises and projects and emphasize on cultivating those potential ones by providing funding support for no more than 2 years. Moreover, funds will be awarded to those culture enterprises gaining famous trademarks awards internationally and nationally.

On Sept. 18, 2012, an announcement jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Publicity Department of Central Committee of the CPC, and Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio Film and Television and General Administration of Press and Publication confirmed that, 17 Hunan enterprises including the Central South Publication and Media Limited Liability Company, Hunan Yongzhou POVOS Colour Printing Limited Liability Company, Hunan Mango International Cultural Communication Limited Liability Company, etc, are listed as 2011-2012 National Key Enterprises and Projects of Culture Exporting.