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15 July 2015

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Hunan: Energy Consumption Limits Issued for Seven Major Industries

On December 15, Development and Reform Commission of Hunan province announced that Guidance for Energy Consumption Limit for Major Products (Process) in Hunan (first batch) has been normally released on December 7.


Hunan Energy Saving Supervision Center, selecting 114 indexes concerning 22 products (process) of 7 major industries with high energy consumption including electricity, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, chemical engineering, construction materials, light industry and textile, formulated the first-batch of guidance lists for energy consumption limit. In addition, according to national standard, Hunan provincial standards and average energy consumption of parts of products (process) in 2011, limit and access value of energy consumption for various indexes was planned.


Guidance for Energy Consumption Limit mainly includes energy consumption limit value per unit product (process) and access value of per unit product (process), which are regarded as objective standards for judgment for various departments in different areas in optimizing industrial structure, attracting business and investment and approving projects as well as quantitative basis for energy saving supervision agencies at various levels to oversee the energy-consuming units' implementation. It is conducive to strengthen guidance for enterprises to save energy and improve management related to energy saving.


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