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15 July 2015


Hunan Medical Insurance Program Upgraded

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Hunan’s medical insurance E-certificate service platform – “Xiang Yi Bao” was upgraded recently. Ten more services can be handled online. They include expenditure inquiry and certificate printing.

The platform was launched by the Hunan Healthcare Security Administration. It provides 24-hour online service. This includes identity authentication, mobile payment, information inquiry, claim processing, and information sharing. The insured can handle their medical insurance business on mobile phones, with no geographical limits. This is a leap forward from an “era of card” to an “era of code and face-scanning”.

With these new services, people can print their certificates for special disease clinic treatment and medication use under special management; inquire about fees online; check the link of “Xiang Shui She Bao” program, and “Xiang Yi Bao” platform guides. The designated pharmacies inquiry function has been improved. Gesture and password authentication are available for E-certificate application.  

The “Xiang Yi Bao” platform has been in trial operation for about two months. So far, it has had 57.2 million E-certificate registrants, more than 500 pilot pharmacies, 44,800 cross-regional applicants. The medical insurance E-certificate has been promoted in all parts of Hunan. By the end of 2020, its “scan-to-pay” service will cover the province.

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