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15 July 2015


Hunan Pilots Edible Agricultural Products Certificate Management

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Hunan has piloted edible agricultural products certificate management. More than 2,000 enterprises, cooperatives, and family farms across the province have participated, to ensure that every bite of food we eat is safe. According to the Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hunan has certified more than 2 million edible agricultural products since the end of June.

Hunan initiated the pilot program at the end of June to echo with the plans of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Hunan’s edible agricultural product enterprises, specialized farmer cooperatives, family farms, and leisure farms are required to obtain a certificate before selling their fruits and vegetables, livestock, poultry, eggs, and aquatic products. The move aims to improve food safety monitoring system.

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the edible agricultural product certification system, producers independently issue the certificate on the basis of self-control and self-inspection, and promise that the agricultural products they produce meet relevant national standards. The agricultural and rural affairs departments are responsible for guiding the issuance of certificates, and strengthening supervision and inspection. Hunan has intensified supervision to implement the system.

The Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is implementing the “two certificates (edible agricultural products certificate and identification certificate) and quality-tracking” system. A total of 2,237 agricultural enterprises and 7,068 brand agricultural products have been included in the Hunan agricultural product identification platform. A total of 1,789 seasonal products have entered the market with e-certificates. Hunan has actively promoted national agricultural product tracking platform, and agricultural products are to be labeled before entering the market.

The quality and safety of agricultural products depends on strict oversight and production. Agricultural departments at all levels are to focus on management of the source and promote green development of agriculture. Hunan has seen reductions in pesticide and fertilizer use for 4 consecutive years. Great efforts have been made to develop standardized agricultural production. The Hunan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, joined hands with Changde, Huaihua, and Yongzhou governments to foster 261 fruit-vegetable-tea standardized gardens, 930 livestock and poultry standardized demonstration farms, 337 aquaculture demonstration areas, and 2,476 organic food, green food and national geographic indication products. Since the beginning of this year, more than 97% of agricultural products produced by Hunan’s leading enterprises have met the standards of quality and safety monitoring. 

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