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15 July 2015


Hunan Issues Public Fitness Promotion Plan

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The General Office of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government recently issued a 2020-2030 Plan for Building Hunan into a Sports Powerhouse. “By 2030, Hunan will be in the front rank nationwide in comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. The sport-related industry value will exceed 250 billion yuan. At least two sports enterprises will be listed. The number of sports workers will reach 500,000,” said Li Shun, director of the Hunan Sports Bureau.

As planned, every county, county-level city, and district will establish a special public fitness brand.

In recent years, public fitness has been popularized widely. By 2030, 40% of Hunan people will take frequent exercises. Some 15-minute sport circles will be formed. The per capita area of sports fields will surpass 2.3 sqm, and 60,000-km footpaths for fitness will be built. Hunan athletes will participate in 21 events in the finals of the Chinese National Games, 5 more than the present. At least ten athletes will participate in four to eight events in Olympic Games.

Hunan’s sports industry value is about 96 billion yuan at present. Next, a sports promotion plan will be implemented, including completing a whole industrial chain; and, accelerating integrated development of the traditional sectors such as fitness and entertainment, competition and performance, sports service, and sports equipment production, and the new sectors like intelligent sports and sports cultural creation. “By 2030, Hunan’s sports industry value will exceed 250 billion yuan, taking up 1.8% to 2% of regional GDP.”

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