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15 July 2015

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Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province

Address: No. 8 Xiangfu West Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410004

Telephone: +86 731 89991099; +86 731 89991088


Main Responsibilities:
1.To draft and organize the implementation of strategies, mid-term and long-term plans, and annual programmes for Hunan's national economic and social development; to present objectives and policy suggestions for Hunan's national economic development and for optimizing major economic structures; to propose suggestions on utilizing various economic means and policies; to make reports on the plan of national economic and social development to the Provincial People's Congress upon entrustment by the Provincial People's Government.

2.To study and analyze the economic situations and development status home and abroad, and provide projections and precautions on the regional economy; to study important issues involving the security of the provincial economy, provide policy suggestions on macro-economic control, and coordinate the economic and social development in a comprehensive way; to solve relevant major problems in macro-economic operations with relevant departments.

3.To gather and analyze information of finance, banking and securities, study and implement measures of national fiscal, monetary and other regulatory policies, and coordinate local price policies; to draft and implement macro industrial policies.

4.To study major issues concerning Hunan's economic restructuring and opening to the outside world, organize the drafting of programmes for global economic restructuring, and coordinate reform efforts on relevant special economic systems; to provide suggestions for optimizing ownership structures and corporate organizational structures.

5.To present Hunan's total investment scale in fixed assets of the whole society, and plan the layouts of major projects and productivity; to arrange the provincial financial funds and specialized funds for construction, guide and supervise the use of the construction funds of foreign loans, and guide and supervise the direction of use of policy-oriented loans.

6.To promote the strategic adjustment and upgrade of industrial structures; to present development strategies and planning of the key national economic industries; to study and coordinate efforts to handle the relevant major issues concerning agricultural development as well as economic and social development of rural areas.

7.To study and present the development strategy, total amount, structure and layout, policies and measures concerning the tertiary industry; to draft and organize the implementation of the development programme for the tertiary industry, and study its development home and abroad.

8.To study and analyze the development of regional economies and urbanization, present the planning on coordinated development of regional economies, coordinate the development of urban, rural and regional areas, and propose strategies, major policies and measures for urbanization development; to undertake the overall coordination and global management of regional economic cooperation.

9.To study and analyze the market status both home and abroad, ensure the balance of the total amount of important commodities within Hunan, and exercise the macro-economic control; draft plans for total imports and exports of important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials, and supervise their implementation.

10.To keep the public services, including population and birth control, science and technology, education, culture, public health, sports, mass media and the press, etc. in connection with national defence and national economic development in Hunan.

11.To promote the sustainable development strategy, coordinate the harmonious development of the human, society and nature; to study and draft the programme on resources saving and comprehensive utilization, participate in the formulation of ecological construction programme, and provide policy suggestions on resources saving and comprehensive utilization.

12.To study and propose policies to promote employment, adjust income distribution, improve the coordinated development of social security and economy, and coordinate efforts to handle major issues concerning employment, income distribution, and social security.

13.To draft, or participate in the drafting of relevant administrative laws and regulations concerning the national economic and social development, as well as economic restructuring and opening to the outside world, and participate in their implementation.

14.To direct and oversee, on behalf of the Provincial People's Government, the provincial Economic Research Information Centre, Economic and Technical Cooperation Office, Economic Construction and Investment Corporation, and the International Engineering Consulting Corporation (also the Reviewing Centre of National Investment Projects affiliated to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission).

15.To study and formulate Hunan' s population development strategies and, according to the objectives of population control set by the State and the provincial government, develop mid-term and long-term plans and annual programmes for the provincial population and family planning; to make development plans for the provincial family planning initiatives.


16.To regulate daily economic operations in Hunan's industrial and communications sectors.


17.To enforce the guidelines and policies and implement the laws and rules at state level and organize the drafting of local regulations; to draft pricing policies and major schemes for pricing reform and organize their implementation.


18.To study and propose adjusting targets for overall pricing levels in the Province as well as regulatory measures, and to be responsible for their implementation and integrated balance; to be responsible for collecting, managing and disbursing  pricing adjustment funds; to promote economic development by price leverage.


19.To organize the investigation and analysis on provincial industrial and agricultural products, real estate, public utilities, public services, and some administration fees in line with the law; to analyze, forecast and monitor market quotations, pricing and the dynamic state of charging to provide relevant departments with investigation and analysis materials as well as propose measures and suggestions accordingly.


20.To study and formulate the Province's management catalogue and management methods of product pricing, service charges and be responsible for their implementation; to regulate the pricing for goods and services with the country and Province's designation; to coordinate and manage the charges levied by administration and institution units, service industry, and intermediary organizations.


21.According to departmental jurisdiction, to study and formulate policies and methods of raising funds for energy, traffic and public utilities by means of stipulating prices and charges; to participate in studying and formulating major reform schemes on medication, changing fee collection to taxation, and other matters related to prices and charges.


22.In the light of laws, to supervise and check the pricing of goods and services, the charges levied by administration and institution units, and pricing acts conducted by proprietors and intermediary organizations; to regulate pricing acts and maintain prices for fair competition; to conduct administrative punishment and/or administrative enforcement measures to comply with various laws and rule-breaking; to implement a marked pricing system and pricing self-discipline; to perfect the informant system of pricing and charging and direct social supervision over them; to guide the administrative reconsideration in the Province and accept and handle price-related cases for administrative reconsideration in line with criteria.


23.To be responsible for coordinating and linking up the prices in different Provinces, sections, departments, and industries; to direct intermediary organizations to assess and authorize pricing.


24.To direct functional departments in price management at city, prefecture and county level to conduct pricing work; to be to be responsible for professional training among pricing cadres throughout the Province.


25.To undertake other tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Government.