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15 July 2015

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Hunan Provincial Public Security Department

Add: 110 Bayi Rd., Furong Dist., Changsha, Hunan Prov. 410004

Tel: +86 731 84590600

Fax: +86 731 84590600


Main Responsibilities:
The Department of Public Security of Hunan Province is a functional department under the Provincial Government, which takes care of the public security in Hunan. According to the current institutional system, in which counties are administered directly by the Provincial Government, the Department of Public Security is set at the provincial level. In addition, public security bureaus (or their divisions) are set in municipalities, counties (and autonomous prefectures), and police stations are assigned to townships, towns and subdistrict offices. Public security agencies at the municipal and county levels are under the leadership and management of their respective superior agencies and local Party committees and governments. Public security agencies at all levels shall, in accordance with the division of labour, perform the following duties according to law:


1.To prevent, stop and investigate illegal and criminal activities;

2.To maintain public order and stop acts that endanger public order;

3.To ensure traffic safety, maintain traffic order, and handle traffic accidents;

4.To organize, carry out, and supervise fire prevention and control;

5.To control firearms and ammunition, and keep under surveillance knives, flammables, explosives, deadly poisons, radioactive materials and other dangerous articles;

6.To administer special trades and professions as proscribed by laws and regulations;

7.To serve as bodyguards for persons specially designated by the State and protect important venues and facilities;

8.To keep under control gatherings, processions and demonstrations;

9.To administer affairs of household registration, citizens' nationality, and entry into and exit from the territory, and foreigners' residence and travel within China;

10.To maintain public order along the border (frontier) areas;

11.To execute criminal punishment on the criminals sentenced to public surveillance, detention, or deprived of political rights and criminals on probation, and exercise supervision over and inspection of criminals who are granted respite or parole;

12.To supervise and manage the work of protecting the computer information system;

13.To guide and supervise the work of security in State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions, and major construction projects; and guide mass organizations such as public security committees in their work of maintaining public order and preventing crime;

14.To perform other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.