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15 July 2015

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Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hunan Province

Address: No. 266 Gaosheng Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410116
Telephone: +86 731 88950016



Main Responsibilities:

1. To draft local guidelines, policies and regulations on urban planning, rural (village and town) planning, project construction, urban development, rural (village and town) development, building industry, housing and real-estate industry, survey, design, consultancy, and public utilities, and to draw up the related development strategies, mid- and long-term planning and the annual plan, and to organize their implementation and supervise the industry.

2. To direct urban planning, rural (village and town) planning, urban survey and municipal engineering survey in this Province; to examine and report on the urban planning and town system planning assigned by the provincial government; to participate in the examination of regional planning and overall planning of land use; to undertake the corresponding examination, report, protection and supervision of work of historic and culturally famous cities; to manage the city construction records.


3. To implement the state standards, state uniform quota, industrial standards and corresponding administrative system in the process of project construction; to draft detailed implementation measures, administration rules and local standards; to supervise and direct the implementation of construction costs and standard quota for various projects.

4. To guide and administer the construction activities of the Province; to draft laws and regulations for survey and design, construction, construction supervision and relevant social intermediary organs administration, and to supervise their implementation; to standardize the construction market, guide and supervise  construction market access, construction project tendering, project supervision and project quality and safety; to organize and coordinate the construction enterprises; to participate in international project contracting and construction labour cooperation.

5. To be responsible for the management, organization and coordination of the provincial key construction projects during the construction process.

6. To guide the urban and rural (village and town) construction in the Province; to be responsible for the administration of water supply, gas, heating, public transit, municipal utilities, landscaping, urban appearance and environmental hygiene in the urban areas within the province; to be responsible for the administration of scenic and historic sites in the Province; to guide water supply and water conservation in the urban areas; to guide exploitation, utilization and protection of underground water in the urban planning areas; to guide urban appearance and environmental improvement; to be responsible for the inspection of construction law enforcement.

7. To direct the housing construction and town housing system reform in the Province; to be responsible for the administration of housing, real-estate industry, house property and house registration; to give guidance to paid transfers of the rights of urban land use, development and utilization of urban land.; to direct and standardize real estate markets.

8. To be responsible for preparing anti-seismic design specifications for all types of buildings and their auxiliary facilities as well as municipal utilities; to direct the development and utilization of underground spaces in urban areas.

9. To lay out sci-tech development plans and technical policies for all the industries governed by the Construction Department of Hunan Province; to organize the tackling of key problems in major sci-tech projects, and develop and utilize new technologies; to administer the industrial sci-tech achievements.

10. To manage foreign economic and technological cooperation in the construction sector; to guide the construction enterprises to open up international construction markets and real-estate markets.


11. To guide the development of a scientific and technical professional team in all sections of the construction industry; to take charge of technical professional title assessment and certificated qualification administration; to guide the training and continuing education of employees in the construction industry.

12. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Government.