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15 July 2015

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General Office of the People's Government of Hunan Province

Address: No. 8 Xiangfu West Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410004
Telephone: +86 731 89990001

Main Responsibilities:

1. To assist the provincial government leaders in examining and/or organizing the drafting of official documents released in the name of the provincial government and/or its general office.

2. To review the problems raised by all departments in the provincial government as well as various municipalities and the autonomous prefecture, and submit proposals to the provincial government leaders for approval.

3. To arrange and serve for the provincial government meetings, and assist in execution of the decisions made at the meetings.

4. To coordinate relevant issues, put forward opinions on how to handle, and report to the leaders of the provincial government to make decision, according to the instructions or work needs of the leaders of the provincial government.

5. To have the instructions of the leaders of the central and provincial governments followed and supervise their implementation; to supervise and inspect the implementation of the provincial government's decisions by various departments of the provincial government and the municipal and prefecture people's governments, and report timely to the provincial government.

6. To organize and handle proposals submitted by NPC representatives and CPPCC members.

7. To assist the provincial government leaders in handling emergencies and major accidents to be dealt with by the provincial government; to be responsible for reporting important information and situations to the leaders of the State Council and the provincial government; and, to be responsible for the provincial government’s on-duty management.

8. To guide the transparency in all government affairs (government transparency and public service) work in Hunan.

9. To handle administrative affairs, comprehensive governance, and safety guard work in the Government Building Complex.

10. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the provincial government and the leaders of the provincial government.

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