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15 July 2015

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Hunan Issues 230 Provincial Key Projects Worth 2.9 Trillion Yuan

Hunan Provincial Investment and Key Projects Construction Conference was held on March 30, 2017. During the meeting, the first batch of 230 provincial-level key projects this year was issued by Hunan Development and Reform Commission. The total investment reached 2.9 trillion yuan, of which 486.8 billion yuan was planned to be invested this year.

Among the 230 projects, there are 71 projects relating to major infrastructure and comprehensive transportation hub systems, 10 on new urbanization systems, 97 about modern industrial systems, 23 relevant with scientific, technological, and cultural innovation systems, and 29 concerning ecology and the people’s livelihood.

As for major infrastructure projects, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan inter-city railway westward extension line, the Yiyang-Loudi expressway, the Cengtianhe River reservoir expansion projects were scheduled to be completed in 2017. Projects of Huaihua-Liuzhou railway electrification renovation, Chenzhou Beihu airport, Liye airport of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Huanggai Lake flood prevention and treatment, and Wuqiangxi hydropower station expansion will start construction this year. Preliminary works of maglev lines construction in Chenzhou, Zhangjiajie, and Zhuzhou cities will also be initiated.

The new urbanization system construction will focus on promoting the infrastructure connection, the unified layout of ecological environment, and the balanced allocation of public resources. It includes the building of comprehensive urban underground utility tunnel, water supply and drainage, north and south horizontal lines of Changsha City, Dongting Lake-round road, municipal atmospheric environment improvement, industrial park environmental management, and urban public parking lots.

Modern industrial system projects mainly cover such 12 fields as high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, electronic information, prefabricated architecture, energy saving and environmental protection, nonferrous metals and petroleum, consumer goods industry, modern logistics, region-based tourism, health and elderly care, and modern finance. Projects of new Hunan financial center, copper-lead-zinc industrial base of China Minmetals Coporation, Mitsubishi engine of GAC Group, smart phone 3D curved surface glass panel of Lens Technology, and Hisense Electric Ningxiang comprehensive production base will be built.

The innovation-integrated zones such as Changsha Innovation Lugu Valley, Xiangtan Intelligent Manufacturing Valley, and Zhuzhou China Power Valley will be main concerns of the scientific, technological, and cultural innovation systems projects. A batch of important special sci-tech programs will be implemented to speed up the key common technology breakthroughs, including the newly started cultural tourism complex of “Most Memorable Shaoshanchong” and Malanshan innovation cluster.

Projects on ecology and the people’s livelihood will put emphasis on propelling the comprehensive treatment of the Dongting Lake and the Xiangjiang, Zijiang,Yuanshui, and Lishui rivers, and enhance important lake reservoirs ecological protection of the Sanxian Lake, Wuqiang Creek, and Dongjiang Lake. Tasks of relocating the poor, comprehensive treatment of mining subsidence areas, and urban old industrial areas and independent industrial and mining areas relocation will be carried out.

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