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15 July 2015

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Hunan Completes Geospatial Framework Construction for Building Intelligent Cities

A press conference was convened on August 29, the 15th National Publicity Day for Surveying and Mapping Law, to release Hunan’s geospatial big data application development.

Hunan has furthered geospatial big data base construction in recent years. The first provincial geographic census has almost been finished. Digital city oriented geospatial framework in 14 cities and prefecture of the province have be completed. A provincial geospatial framework system has taken preliminary shape, based on “one system, one database, and one platform”, in order to serve all industries with fundamental, public beneficial, and emergent demands for geographical information.

“One system” refers to the Hunan Continuous Operational Reference System (HNCORS), a key part of Hunan’s modern surveying and mapping reference; “one database” refers to basic geographic information database of the province, the core of provincial and municipal geospatial frameworks; and “one platform” refers to provincial and municipal map-based geographic information public service platform.

Over the past several years, more than 220,000 geographic information data have been shared with relevant departments and sectors, including public security, civil administration, agriculture, forestry, meteorological observation, environmental protection, transportation, water conservancy, electric power, energy, telecommunication, land resource, mining, and urban and rural construction and planning. So far, Hunan has formed unified national land space infrastructure and new fundamental surveying and mapping reference, in a bid to accelerate construction of intelligent cities.

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