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15 July 2015

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Hunan Accelerates Tea Industry Advancement

Human tea industry witnessed rapid and sound progress during the “12th Five-Year” Plan period, and has become a leading industry contributing to western Hunan’s targeted poverty alleviation campaign as released at the third members meeting of Hunan Tea Industry Association (HTIA) on March 16, 2016.


The tea garden area has expanded from 1.5 million mu (about 100 thousand ha.) to 2.03 million mu (135 thousand ha.), with a total output value of 58 billion yuan, up 20 billion yuan in the past five years. The foreign exchange-earning of the tea industry has amounted to 150 million USD, compared with that of 73.8 million USD five years ago. Hunan tea industry has kept gaining in five consecutive years and a harmonious developing pattern of tea farmers’ revenue increasing, enterprises profits growing, and financial taxation rising has taken shape.


The HTIA has fully taken its advantages as a bridge to link tea farmer, enterprise, and government, by guiding the innovation and integration of the industry through cultural promotion and sci-tech upgrading, issuing conventions to build honest tea brands, and holding “China Ancestral Tea Festival” annually to cultivate Hunan tea culture. As a strong assistant to the government, the association has proposed the idea of developing Hunan tea into one hundred billion yuan industry, and promoted poverty alleviation through tea planting, to benefit numerous poor farmers in mountainous area.


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Translator: Yu Jiangjiang


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