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15 July 2015

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Hunan Releases Five-year Action Plan to Fuel 12 Industrial Sectors

The Five-year Action Plan of Hunan Province on Implementing the “Made in China 2025” Plan to Build a Powerful Province in Manufacturing (2016-2020) was released on the government website on Nov. 19. The Plan clarifies the “1274” scheme, namely accelerating the development of 12 key industrial sectors, vigorously implementing 7 special campaigns, and concentrating on pushing forward 4 representative projects, so as to constantly speed up industrial upgrades and make breakthroughs in manufacturing progress.


The 12 key sectors are: the leading industries of advanced rail transport facilities, engineering machinery and new material, the comparatively developed industries concerning new information technology, aviation & aerospace equipments, energy-saving and new-energy automobile production, electronic equipment, biological medicine and high-performance medical devices, and energy-conserving and environmental protection, and the industries with large potentials involving high-end numerically-controlled machine tools, ocean engineering equipment and high-tech ships, and agricultural machinery.


The 7 special campaigns in the Plan involve improving manufacturing innovation, developing fully-automated “smart” factories, strengthening industrial base, enforcing green manufacturing, fostering “professional, superior, specialized, and new” products in medium and small-sized enterprises, integrating “manufacturing + internet + services”, and enhancing high-end equipment innovation.


The 4 representative projects target to fostering Hunan’s representative industrial cluster, industrial base, leading enterprises, brands, and products.


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